Giannis Giannoutsos
Architect ∙ Visual Artist






ARCHITECTS: Giannis Giannoutsos, Ilias Georgakopoulos


"ENGRAVED CITY" Redesigning a Former Cemetery

Reclamationof 4,6 hectares in the former cemetery of Νeapolis, Νikaia


The proposal is to create an access network to the proposed park. This will operate as a framework regulating and providing access to different functionalities. The composition’s outline with its main and secondary axis is intended to channel circulation in the city from the inner core to the individual functional hubs. The inner pathway network—both main and secondary—could be perceived as a parallel miniature model of city functions. 

The framework of the plan follows the two major arteries of the city: the main street connects the western sector of the study area with its eastern counterpart. It is aligned to the existing topography signifying the central route. The second main street connects the southern and the northern sector. Both arteries intersect each other in a vertical angle, setting the point of departure for the construction of the composition’s remaining axes.

The elevated northern part of the area rises 10m above the southern part and takes advantage of the existing natural terrain for the construction of underground spaces (exhibition spaces, multipurpose hall, cafeteria/restaurant). The two extensive green areas created on the northern and southern limits of the composition are interconnected through a pathway network. Activity hubs (sport facilities, semi-open air resting points, children’s play areas, open-air theatre for various venues) are included in the green areas synthetically, functionally and materially.