Giannis Giannoutsos
Architect ∙ Visual Artist






ARCHITECTS: Giannis Giannoutsos, Valadis Basoukos, Giorgos Nikas



Municipal Market Building in Chalkis & Market Square


In terms of spatial articulation, the defining attribute of the Chalkis Municipal Market Building is the cohesive unity of space as expressed in the complexes interior. Emphasizing this particular feature is the guiding principle of the proposal. The new introverted core is deployed as a social agora suited for both commercial and cultural activities.

The internal core is enunciated as a coherent entity where the notions of “inside”, “outside” and “in between” tend to merge into each other. This latter intention is expressed through a basic gesture. Namely, the construction of a central shelter enveloping the functional Market core that forms an extended semi-open air area. The new shelter's design converses directly with the pre-existing structure in that it is founded on the “backbone” of the two earlier interior wings.

The internal transverse shop walls are replaced by lightweight infill elements, befitting the fluid character of a modern Market and its ever-changing spatial needs.

The prime intent of the proposal is to connect the Market and the city. The public square is designed as an undivided level, following the natural inclination of the terrain and restoring the flow of movement. The square, the city, and the Market are functionally integrated by extending the pavement network and connecting it to the square itself.