Giannis Giannoutsos
Architect ∙ Visual Artist






The composition assumes as a point of departure the design of a small cemetery.

Perceiving the horizontal axis as a symbolism of ‘death’ and the vertical axis as a symbolism of  ‘life’, the project refers to these fundamental meanings:

The burial ground that expands to the horizontal axis, stands as the counterpoint to the four monolithic elements that refer to the vertical axis.


The whole composition serves as a landmark that highlights the importance of the site.

The proposal is to design an inward-looking space that embraces the site. The composition acquires a monolithic appearance, where the outer structure maintains a distance from the site, as a gesture of respect.


The structure consists of four free-standing low slanted walls that spatially intergrade the burial ground. Each wall has an opening alluding to a gate - as a passage into the cemetery.

Passing through the gate, a ‘different’ place is generated.


The cross configuration of these monolithic door-like elements, emphasizes the North-South and the East-West axis, addressing that way to the context as a whole.